DIRECTORS TALK: BAEK Seungkee @ Mayfair Theatre (09.28)


The Korean Cultural Centre is pleased to host a Directors Talk with BAEK Seungkee, the director of <JANGO: UNCHARGED> after the screening of the film. 

  • Director: BAEK Seungkee
  • Date: SEP 28th 18:00
  • Location: Mayfair Theatre

BAEK Seungkee

BAEK Seungkee was born and raised in Korea in 1982. He is inspired by everything in his surroundings and his movies have a unique flair. His first movie, Super Virgin was revealed in 2012. He then worked on Super Origin (2016), Super Margin (2019), Super Nova (2020) and Jango: Uncharged. He has been called a ‘Son of Bucheon’ since every one of his films was displayed at the BIFAN film festival.