<DANCE OF TIME> (2009, SONG Il-Gon)

The Korean Cultural Centre is pleased to host a Directors Talk with SONG, Il-Gon, the director of <DANCE OF TIME> on October 8th at 19:30(EST).

  • Director: SONG, Il-Gon
  • Date: Friday, October 8th 19:30 – 21:00(EST) (90mins)
  • Location: ZOOM

song, il-gon

Born in Seoul, Song studied cinema at the National Academy of Film in Lodz, Poland. He shot to prominence on the strength of the Cannes Jury Prize winning short film The Picnic (1998). His filmography includes New Currents-winner <Flower Island> (2001), <Spider Forest> (2004), <Feathers in the Wind> (2004), <The Magicians> (2005),and <Dance of Time> (2009), <Always>(2011), was the opening film of Busan international Film Festival, and was remade by 4 different country.