Fog and Smoke

CHA Jeamin, Fog and Smoke, Single-channel video, 00:20:00, 2013

Fog and Smoke depicts an abandoned construction site in the Songdo International Business District in Incheon, South Korea. The construction came to a halt due to the global financial crisis and an economic recession in the real estate market. A camera records the outskirts of the “New Town” where construction debris was dumped, and follows the last remaining fisherman in the old town as he drives his tractor across the new development. The video examines both the past and the present of the city through the interwoven footages of the fisherman and a tap dancer. In a dark night, the sound of the tap-dancing fills an empty apartment building and recedes into unknown corners of the newly built city. The dancer continuously accelerates his frantic tap dance as if to keep up with the breakneck speed and the insatiable desire for city development. On the other hand, the fisherman heads toward the sea, driving across the new town, built on the reclaimed land right in front of his house. What was once a coastal tide zone and the water front had also been a workplace for him. Fog and Smoke is made as a sequel to Sleep Walker (2009). Both videos deal with the symptoms of the frantic urban development in Korea. Through these works I try to unearth the anxiety and outrage that are overshadowed by the magnificent spectacle of the new cities.

CHA Jeamin

Jeamin Cha works variously between film, performance, and installation. She lives and works in Seoul. Cha&s works are not constituted of synthesized images, but lens-based, and ask about the possibilities and helplessness of visual arts and documentaries. She approaches the reality of individuals through processes of interviews and field studies, and notes how society permeates their lives. Cha has participated in numerous group exhibitions and festivals, including; Asia Culture Center; KADIST; Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art; National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art; Museum of Contemporary Art Busan; Film at Lincoln Center; OCAT Museum; Gwangju Biennale; Seoul Museum of Art Biennale Mediacity; Berlin International Film Festival; Oberhausen International Short Film Festival.