Road Show: Pohang to Yeosu

Road Show: Pohang to Yeosu, Single-channel video, 00:30:09, 2017

<Roadshow> is a travelling project with curators and artists together. It began in the summer of 2011, when the issue of the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project was rising. Curators and artists who have a critical consciousness on urbanization and development decided to travel to the Nakdong River. Traveling from Naeseong stream, a branch of the Nakdong River, to Eulsuk Island, they walked along the Nakdong River together and visited the construction site of the dam. They came to understand each other deeply by eating, sleeping, and talking together outside exhibition halls. At first, it was not planned as a long-term project. On the last day of the first Roadshow at a hotel in Eulsuk island, they decided to go to Jeju for the next Roadshow. They wanted to see the stories from the construction of the naval base, Gurumbi, and Gangjeong Village in person. After that, they walked through Baengnyeongdo Island, Gyeongju Island, National Route 7, and Pohang to Yeosu. In this context, the Roadshow is not an exhibition presupposed trip. It is a kind of media that allows artists to meet and have a conversation on issues such as history, society, politics, culture, and art on the road, not in a museum. 

On screening at the Ottawa Korean film festival, <Roadshow 2017> shows a journey from Pohang to Yeosu. While traveling, they visited industrialization sites such as Pohang Iron and Steel Co., and Gori Nuclear Power Plant and they faced history at Geoje-POW Camp and Chilcheonryang. They watched a movie together outdoors late at night and went out for sea fishing.  There was a meeting to reflect on the day’s events at night. Even if it was not a trip for exhibition and creation of artworks, I hope that the time of Roadshow could be captured in someone’s exhibition and artwork someday.

Participated artists: Nathalie Boseul Shin, Yoonsuk Choi, KDK, Kyounghee Noh, Sean Roh, Gihun Noh, Soun Hong, Jinhee Kim, Jungwoo Lee, Ryan Taesung Lee