“The red filter is withdrawn.”

KIM Minjung, “The red filter is withdrawn.” Single-channel video, 00:11:40, 2020

Numerous colonial places, including coastal cave and military bunkers on a lot of Oreums, as well as memories of uprising and massacres are everywhere on Jeju Island. This work is based on René Magritte’s “La Condition Humaine, 1935”, which is a view of the outside of the cave superimposed on a canvas. The camera captures landscapes of caves and bunkers in Jeju Island as having quote from Hollis Frampton’s performance script, and asks media can capture the image of historic vestige on the landscape without any distortion or elimination.

KIM Minjung

Minjung Kim studied Visual Communication Design at Hongik University, Seoul, and earned an MFA in Film and Video from the California Institute of the Arts. Her work has screened at international film festivals and media art venues including Berlinale, Toronto International Film festival, Sheffield Docs, Edinburgh International Film Festival, SIFF, DMZ docs, Ann Arbor film Festival, National Gallery of Art(USA) and Insa Art Space.