Zeboriskie Point

PARK Byounglae, Zeboriskie Point, Three-channel video, 00:09:53, 2011

“Zaboriskie Point (2011) ” is a project that was developed in the process of tracing the history “Zabo-Sun-Chang”, a name of a small marina in Gunsan-Si of Jeolla Province. The motivation was obtained from the unnatural conflict of the present scenery and the past scenery that has remained as economical growth point moves in the modernization process of Korea after emancipation. This sort of landscape of dissonance, or in other words, the contradictory present scenery of local community represented as ‘Gunsan’, was shown to be overlapped with the scenes of the scenes of Zabriskie Point (1970) directed by Michelangelo Antonioni to me, and this is reconfigured through the images containing the journey of exploration of ‘Zebo’, the unknown figure who visited desolate space.

PARK Byounglae

Byounglae Park(b. 1974) is visual artist focusing on space, memory, play and unconsciousness surrounding individuals. He explores the contemporary situation in which individuals live with heterogeneous images and privately relate themselves with them, and reconstructs them into video works of narrative form with articulated and dislocated layers of time and space. His major works include <Elastic cord playing>(2008), <Zeboriskie Point>(2011), <Hwapo>(2014), <Jutlandia>(2015). His works have been screened in several exhibitions and filmfestivals, domestic and abroad.